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  1. Chronology of the universe
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  3. Concordances and challenges in cosmology after Planck – Sexten Center for Astrophysics

A naive perturbation theory predicts that loop corrections generated during inflation suffer from various infrared IR divergences. We discuss the origin of the IR divergences and explore the regularity conditions, which will restrict the possible initial states of inflationary universe.

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This talk is based on our recent works, summarized in the review article, Class. Just enough inflation: power spectrum modifications at large scales. We perform a systematic and model-independent analysis of any possible non-slow-roll background evolution prior to the final stage of slow-roll inflation, We find a high degree of degeneracy since all possible backgro Non-gaussian imprints of primordial magnetic fields from inflation.

Chronology of the universe

If cosmic magnetic fields are produced during inflation, they are likely to be correlated with the primordial curvature perturbations that are responsible for the Cosmic Microwave Background anisotropies and Large Scale Structure. We compute the three-point cross-correlation function of the curvature perturbation with two powers of the electromagnetic field in a typical model of inflationary magne On the consistency relations describing the three-point functions involving tensors.

The detection of the imprints of the primordial tensor perturbations by BICEP2 and its indication of a rather high tensor-to-scalar ratio, if confirmed, can open up a new window for understanding the tensor perturbations, not only at the level of the power spectrum, but also in the realm of non-Gaussianities. In this work, we consider the consistency relations associated with the three-point cross Presented by Mr. We constrain several models of the early Universe that predict statistical anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background CMB sky.

As compared to previous releases of CMB data, they do not exhibit the anomalously large quadrupole of statistical anisotropy.

Sackler Public Astronomy Lecture - David Spergel - Cosmology After Planck

This allows to strengthen the limits on the parameters of models estab Q-ball dark matter and baryogenesis in high-scale inflation. We investigate the variant of the Affleck-Dine mechanism in high-scale inflation. The scenario utilizes multiple flat directions, which is generally present in the MSSM. One flat direction creates baryon asymmetry of the universe, while Q balls from another direction can be the dark matter in the gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking. Isocurvature fluctuations are suppressed by the fact that the A Sizable tensor modes and the gravitino problem.

We show in how far such a measurement provides implications for the subsequent phase of inflation and the post-inflationary phase of reheating. Further, we will revise the gravitino problem and show the implications for a supersymmetric scenar We consider D-term inflation for small couplings of the inflaton to matter fields. Standard hybrid inflation then ends at a critical value of the inflaton field that exceeds the Planck mass.

During the subsequent waterfall transit The AMS experiment is measuring the cosmic ray antiproton flux with high precision. The interpretation of the upcoming data requires a thorough understanding of the secondary antiproton background.

Newly available data of the NA49 experiment at CERN will be discussed in order to recalculate the antiproton source term arising from cosmic ray spallations on the interstellar matter. A detailed com The Lyth bound with a spectral tilt. We investigate the nature of inflationary parameters at large values of the number of e-foldings N.

We analyze the behaviour of the inflationary field range in such a limit and provide strong evidence for universality features of it. Finally, we use these results in order to derive a model-independent field range bound as a function even of the spectral index. We show that Planck's measurement of The Power Spectrum of Inflationary Attractors. Inflationary attractors predict the spectral index and tensor-to-scalar ratio to take specific values that are consistent with Planck. Moreover, in this letter we demonstrate that they also give rise to a specific relation between the amplitude of the power spectrum and the number of e-folds.

We investigate this relation in the context of the universal attractor for models with a generalised non We discuss how the time-flow approach of cosmological perturbation theory can be used as a tool for large-scale structure. In particular, we show that the flow equations allow to derive straightforwardly consistency relations for equal-time correlators involving both density and velocity fields and underlying different background cosmologies. Furthermore, we use the time-flow approach to proof the The effects of thermal inflation on small scale density perturbations.

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Thermal inflation is a compelling solution to the cosmological moduli problem. In the cosmological scenario with thermal inflation, while the perturbations on large scales are preserved but slightly red shifted, the perturbations on small scales would be altered. This book gathers the lecture notes of the th Les Houches Summer School held in July , and gives a comprehensive pedagogical survey of the frontier of theoretical and observational cosmology just after the release of the first cosmological results of the Planck mission.

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Concordances and challenges in cosmology after Planck – Sexten Center for Astrophysics

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