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They were not ready for a defensive war on their own territory. They were, however, designed to wage war on others. The Soviet KT A winged tank. Upon landing, the wings and tail were quickly detached, making the tank immediately ready for battle. Suited only for offensive warfare, this remarkable weapon was rendered useless by Hitler's "Barbarossa" attack. Similarly designed for offensive war are paratroops.

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This most aggressive form of infantry is employed primarily as an invasion force. Germany formed its first airborne assault units in , and by had 4, paratroops. And the USSR? Suvorov explains: "By the beginning of the war [], the Soviet Union had more than one million trained paratroopers -- times more than all other countries in the world put together, including Germany It is quite impossible to use paratroopers in such massive numbers in a defensive war No country in history, or indeed all countries in the world put together, including the Soviet Union, has ever had so many paratroopers and air assault landing sub-units as Stalin had in As part of the planned invasion, in early orders were given for large-scale construction of airborne assault gliders, which were produced in mass quantity from the spring of onward.

The Soviets also designed and built the remarkable KT "winged tank. The author also describes a variety of other offense-oriented units and weapons, and their deployment in June in areas and jumping-off points right on the frontiers with Germany and Romania. All these weapons of offensive war became instantly useless following the Barbarossa attack, when the Soviets suddenly required defensive weapons.

Suvorov tells of a secret meeting in December attended by Stalin and other Politburo members at which General Pavel Rychagov, deputy defense minister and commander of the Soviet air force, discussed the details of "special operations in the initial period of war. It is only possible to do so in peacetime, when the enemy does not suspect the danger. It would be simply impossible to use hundreds of thousands of airborne troops and thousands of transport aircraft and gliders in any other situation.

Suvorov also reports on the dismantling in June of the Soviet frontier defense systems, and the deployment there of masses of troops and armor poised for westward attack. During the period just prior to the planned Soviet invasion, the USSR's western military districts were ordered to deploy all divisions, then stationed in the interior, to positions on the frontier. Thus, remarks Suvorov, June 13, , "marks the beginning of the greatest displacement of troops in the history of civilization. Such a massive buildup of forces directly on the frontier simply could not be kept secret.

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Thus the entire war in the East, to a known degree, may be termed a preventive war We decided By spring , I had formed the definite opinion that the heavy buildup of Russian troops, and their attack on Germany which would follow, would place us, in both economic and strategic terms, in an exceptionally critical situation Our attack was the immediate consequence of this threat In , Admiral N. In his postwar memoirs, published in , he recalled:. Stalin not only did not exclude the possibility of war with Hitler's Germany, on the contrary, he considered such a war Stalin made preparations for war Hitler upset his calculations.

In early the Soviet Union had vastly more paratroops than all other countries combined.

Who Started World War II? by Viktor Suvorov

Parachutists, by their nature, can only be used in offensive operations. In other words, Stalin was preparing to strike the first blow, that is to commit aggression against Germany; but Hitler dealt a preventive blow first and thereby frustrated all Stalin's plans Field Marshal Keitel said that Germany was not preparing an aggression against the Soviet Union; it was the Soviet Union which was preparing the aggression. Germany was simply using a preventive attack to defend itself from an unavoidable aggression.

Kuznetsov says the same thing -- yes, the Soviet Union was preparing for war and would inevitably have entered into it, but Hitler disrupted these plans with his attack. What I cannot understand is why Keitel was hanged [at Nuremberg], and Kuznetsov was not. Suvorov believes that Hitler's preemptive strike came just two or three weeks before Stalin's own planned assault.

Thus, as Wehrmacht forces smashed Soviet formations in the initial weeks of the "Barbarossa" attack, the Germans marveled at the great numbers of Soviet tanks and other materiel destroyed or captured -- an enormous buildup sufficient not just for an assault on Germany, but for the conquest of all of Europe. Suvorov writes. He was the first to go, without waiting for the blow of the 'liberating' dagger to stab him in the back. He had begun the war in the most favorable conditions which could possibly have existed for an aggressor; but given the nature of Stalin's grand plan, he could never have won it.

Even in the most unfavorable conditions, the Red Army was able to 'liberate' half of Europe These Soviet tanks, with removable caterpillar tracks, were designed for use on German roads and highways. So equipped, they were of little use on Soviet territory, where few roads were paved. As devastating as it was, Hitler's assault was not fatal. It came too late to be successful. Stalin succeeded in forming new armies to replace those lost in the second half of As Suvorov repeatedly points out, the widely accepted image of World War II, and particularly of the roles of Stalin and Hitler in the conflict, simply does not accord with reality:.

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Book Ice Breaker Who Started The Second World War

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