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He gave a shorter version to Lawrence Grobel in a interview, though at the time he claimed not to remember whether he had slept with the woman. After Ermi left, Brando says, "I always wanted several women in my life at the same time as an emotional insurance policy. He traces his decision to become an actor to his neglected childhood, too. He mentions many fruitless years with psychiatrists; we could have guessed. Curiously, he doesn't tell us that his mother was an amateur actress. He simply says that acting was the only thing -- other than sports and a screwdriver he once made in shop class -- that anyone ever praised him for.

He is blase about a talent that others consider to be at the level of genius. The De Niro-Pacino style we now take for granted, all raw nerves and subtle glances at the camera, was unimaginable before he left his brief, star-making Broadway career for Hollywood. His ghostwriter, Robert Lindsey, writes that Brando talked about his films reluctantly, and his lack of interest shows. Still, Brando's profound ambivalence about acting is illuminating. He has contempt for Hollywood, he insists that acting is not an art, he admits that creating a complex character is too personally painful.

All these attitudes help explain the bizarre rise and fall, then rise and fall again, of his career.

Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me

After brilliant performances on stage and film in "A Streetcar Named Desire" and in the movie "On the Waterfront," the unloved child had all the adoration, money and women he could want; by , acting had served its purpose. In popular memory, that film is all about sex, the dialogue reduced to Brando's line "Go get the butter. Brando's character talks about his mother's alcoholism; the family dog, Dutchy; his abusive father, who made him go to a school dance with cow manure on his shoes.

Though some details, like the dance, were invented, the dialogue obviously dredged up painful memories.

Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me

Brando writes, " 'Last Tango in Paris' required a lot of emotional arm wrestling with myself, and when it was finished, I decided that I wasn't ever again going to destroy myself emotionally to make a movie. His mystique still great and his commitment nil, now he freely admits to taking small parts for vast amounts of money. After "Last Tango in Paris," Brando the sex symbol was finished, too. His always-fluctuating weight blimped out of control, and he resorted to dangerous remedies. He once tore his esophagus after eating a quart of ice cream, then sticking a finger down his throat to purge himself.

I'm writing this book for money," he says. Brando doesn't say that he agreed to write the book days after Christian Brando was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Brando's refusal to acknowledge his son's murder trial is the glaring, disingenuous gap in the book, of course.

He testified at the sentencing hearing. He angrily insisted his son was being judged unfairly: "This is the Marlon Brando case. Manso's book promises all the lurid details Brando has left out. A published excerpt has already said that Brando wanted his Tahitian lover, Tarita, to have an abortion.

She refused, and their son, Teihotu, now 31, was born. They speak persuasively, a couple of recognizable gents who always put a sensible amount of themselves into a performance. He found his way again with two films in the early s.

Nemanja Radulović - Dvořák "Songs My Mother Taught Me" (Clip)

It is a great, vulgar epic of America, and Brando is its specific gravity, the master of the minimalist gesture in an operatic story. Is this what a Mafia boss was like in New York after the war? Who knows? For that matter, who cares? Brando has imagined him into existence. As the character speaks of his parents and childhood, Brando uses his own life. From to he made no films at all. I wanted to kick his balls into his throat.

I wanted to rip his ears off and eat them in front of him. I wanted to separate his larynx from his body and shove it into his stomach. What Brando has left out, Manso has uncovered. The mothers are friends, wives and employees. Brando has had so many lovers, it would only be surprising if they were all of one gender; the law of averages alone would make him bisexual.

Manso reports it all as if he were on a mission. But the care with which the early New York section is composed gives way to peephole fascination and relentless cataloguing.

Brando Songs My Mother Taught Me Lindsey Robert for sale online | eBay

Movie stars live on the farthest shore of instinct, their ids given something like free reign. Given that Brando was increasingly unhappy with acting, the rest of it was probably inevitable. She also says her father abused her sexually when she was little. As Manso makes clear, at the time of her remarks, she was in a psychiatric clinic.

She had been diagnosed as schizophrenic. Such declassed people. On the mysteries of his own character, Brando himself may have put it best. We are all shaped by our own miseries and misfortunes. He knew how to tap the emotions of his audiences to arouse them, and he had an intuitive knowledge of the workings of the human personality.

But he never learned enough to understand his own character. Call TimesLine from area codes , , , or From other regions, use the area code nearest you. Please note: this edition does not include photos. Read An Excerpt.

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